First Impressions of the WP7 Device

27 11 2010

Ok So i’ve had about 5 hours of playing to kinda get my head around how to use a Windows Phone 7. The movement between screens will take some getting use but here are somethings I noticed.


My wife came and picked me up from work, she had the phone in the car. I turned it on, typed in my facebook account, google exchange details and windows live ID. straight away I had all my contacts, calendar, email synced (Probably more of a gmail feature then WP7), the facebook integration dragged those folk into my phonebook (annoying but was quickly switched off) and the windows live ID connected my gamertag.

That really was all the setup I required, the rest was organising the tiles and colours to make life easy for me. The live tiles are interesting. I have my tile next to my wifes tile, it updates with our facebook pictures and status updates, kinda cool, but gimmicky.

So here are some things I like and don’t like so far


Zune – this software is cool, I like the search for details function, the wifi sync so I can sync overnight from my bed. If we get the full Zune experience over summer as rumoured it really is a good rival for iTunes

xbox live integration – the games are really really good, plus I can earn xbox achievements. Annoyed that bejeweled doesn’t have facebook connected though.

camera – the camera is great, I like that it automatically uploads to a private skydrive account (can be turned off by those with privacy concerns). Its more responsive than my iPhone 3G.

Facebook integration – while I’m not a fan of the facebook app, the integration is kinda cool, giving me pictures for the majority of my contacts, if the phone doesn’t pick up on a link between a contact and a fb friend you can tell them (mine missed a Bec instead of a Rebecca), same goes you can unlink them just in case you have a friend with a same name.  I like the way the “pictures” hub has your facebook photo albums in it too. great idea.

Form factor: this phone is dead sexy, i love the look and feel of it.

wifi sync: so far doesn’t seem to be a need to connect my phone to the computer, plug it in and overnight it will sync with zune. great idea.

now things that are getting my goat


Twitter apps – doesn’t seem to be a good one, could be me getting use to it.

Marketplace – can tell its a new software, not many apps and the reviews aren’t as plentiful on itunes so its hard to tell whats really good. Also the crippled zune takes away some of the usefulness of it.

8gb Storage – 8gb seriously? my complete music collection is over 20gb and you’ve attached a 8mp/720 camera too it. 8gb is just not enough in this day and age.

Waking up to a crashed phone – seriously not a great first start, don’t know what caused it, but needed to remove battery.

battery life – apparently a Telstra issue that will be fixed, but I chewed through the battery in under 5 hours.

tiled screens – need to fit everything on 1 screen, the second menu contains all apps and doesn’t exclude those pinned to the front.

well that’s my initial thoughts for now.. will give more of an update about apps later.

NB: I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.



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27 11 2010
Girl Clumsy

Great first post, Damo – thanks for your thoughts. I’m really enjoying reading stuff from other reviewers because you’re much further along the “smartphone” path than me (I’ve only just left the start line). So I’m trying to get an idea of things to look out for, and troubleshooting, etc.

Look forward to the next one.

27 11 2010

You can dramatically improve the battery life issue by pointing the phone to a new data APN. Apparently it is using the wrong one and it isn’t optimised for heavy data use.

To add the custom APN go to settings > mobile network > edit APN and add the APN telstra.iph

Save the setting and restart the phone then you should notice a big improvement. :)

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