Gaming on Windows Phone 7

2 12 2010

One of the attractive parts of Windows Phone 7 was the ability to use xbox live and have access to my gamer tag. I’ve downloaded quite a few games since I got my Windows Phone 7 so I can play games while Lucy sleeps on me or on the train on the way to work. The amount of quality games already available on the Marketplace is quite impressive and extensive compared to other application categories its obvious that Micrsoft see this as one of the main selling points for WP7.

I’ll just give a review of a couple of games that have got my most attention

Max and the Magic Marker: This handy little platformer revolves around getting a little guy through a series of levels and challenges using the magic marker. Situations arise that will involve you drawing in some of the landscape or other objects to either pass tricky terrain, kill monsters or climb up to objects. The puzzles are challenging and you can collect special black marble like objects for completing harder objectives (such as bouncing a ball into a basketball ring). This is probably my favourite game as it lends itself well to the WP7 design and you can get creative with what you draw.

Tetris: I’m a hardcore tetris fan, my main issue with this version is that I can’t exit the game and comeback to it. If you half decent at tetris this means you need to set aside heaps of time to play it. Apart from that the controls are very similar to the iPhone and work well till you get up to the higher levels than it becomes a lot trickier then its keyboard counterpart.

Flight Control: Land planes, same as iPhone but just as good.

Flowerz: great little puzzle game that you can enter and exit quick so its good for trains and waiting and bus stops. You have to align three flowers of the same colour so they disappear. gets quite challenging the longer you go. Love that it has a scoreboard with your xbox live friends.

Guitar Hero 5: Not really a fan, if you love the series you may enjoy it, but doesn’t have the same impact of the big fake guitar you play with on the consoles.

The Sims 3: I like logging in and randomly playing, but really don’t get addicted to it, not surprising as I wasn’t a huge fan of the main game and the hand-held version could benefit from a keyboard and mouse.

Need for Speed Undercover: Great little game, it assumes you want to accelerate unless you touch the screen and you steer by moving the phone left and right, works really well and gets quite addictive. Can’t play it in moving vehicles without some issues though.

de Blob: Another great puzzle game, get the blob through a room while freeing the little guys along the way, you just can’t cross back over your own stream of ink you leave behind. It works really well with the touch screen and the scoring system for unlocks etc makes it very replayable. I found myself trying to get through levels faster and faster.

They are the may games I’ve had the opportunity to play so far in a little over a week of using the device. The ones that work best for me seem to be smaller puzzle games. While the achievement structure is quite good and I like the fact my score goes up for playing games on the train, and also that I can read the achievements and try to unlock the quirker ones. I can also see myself changing my avatars clothing more now as I can do it via the Windows Phone 7. In fact I’ve changed the clothes more often this week then I have since I’ve owned a xbox.

It would be cool if you could see some stats from some of your first person shooters (BFBC2/COD:BO etc.) but thats more about those developers releasing apps like Halo Waypoint for their games. Also I hope all the games don’t restrict interaction to just with xbox users, I’d love to see a cross-platform word with friends etc.

Anyway, if your out playing on your windows phone – add me DamoRev and I’ll let you beat me.

NB: I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.

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12 12 2010

Friend requested.

Carneyvale Showtime is good. Oh and The Harvest.

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