Applications on Windows Phone 7

11 12 2010

What apps do I use on a day to day basis? So far I have found a handful of apps that I use daily and a plethora of applications that are missing. The main point is that the app store or “Marketplace” is in its infancy so it should get better. But with developers making applications for iPhone, Android and WP7 in that order it will mean that WP7 is playing catch up all the time. Hopefully Microsoft will address this and make it attractive to make applications on their platform, I know they had a similar issue with the xbox when it was released but they are now firmly entrenched in that market. Another gripe I had was the lack of titles using the LiveTile.

Twitter: I use the official twitter app, I tried Seesmic but didn’t like it as much. My main gripe with this application is how easily it moves between screens, you could be scrolling and accidently flick from Mentions to Timeline and vice versa. Also if you have a few custom searches you like to view occasionally (#theashes, #telstraWP7 etc.) it takes quite a few clicks (well presses) to get to them. Would be nice if it was one of the screens you could swipe to.

Facebook: Despite strong facebook integration I missed seeing the notifications you get when other people follow up your comments. So while I use the integration to see the timeline if I want to see my notifications I go into the application which is quite sluggish and overly slow. Great applicaion and very well done, just like its iPhone counterpart

eBay: The eBay application is good, wish there were more selling tools and that it’d completely replace going to their website, but its still good to go to and search/bid on items.

foursquare: neat app, was able to find locations better than my iPhone but I think that was due to better GPS then an App improvement. I think it looks really nice and uses the look and feel of the WP7 well.

Shazam: Same Same

Torrent Applications – Torrent Remote/Torrential: I was trying to find an application that matched well with utorrent. Torrent Remote and Torrential are very similar. Torrent Remote wins due to its ability to download torrents from any site where Torrential restricts you to

Weather AU: meh, an application that could use a live tile to show current conditions doesn’t. its devoid of good information too (max temp, low temp). Was hoping it would be similar to weather apps on the iPhone that use BoM data

Wiki: I found this much more responsive than the iPhone App. Was actually useable

YouTube: disappointed that the application was just a link to their website. Also no way to upload videos onto youtube on the go. Boo!

They are the main ones I used.. ones I would of liked to have seen were

  • TV Guide
  • TV Episode Tracking Application (NextEpisode on iPhone)
  • Words with Friends
  • miso
  • Remote
  • Word Press
  • Quota (@SouthFreo said he had plans to develop one but no timeline and will come after android)
  • Weight Management/Calorie Counter
  • MapMyRun

I hope the apps contiune to grow, if people don’t start using the handset though the Chicken could kill the Egg.

NB: I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.


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12 12 2010

All the available apps using Bing (you may need to change the region to US to get the search to work).

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